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The contracting process should take roughly an hour to complete. You'll need a computer, a voided check and a copy of your E&O Insurance Policy. If you do not have an E&O Insurance Policy, you can purchase it today by using the link below


  • Your manager will send you a link for our Hierarchy Compensation Management System (HCMS). Setup your HCMS account prior to starting the contracting process.


☐​ Need E&O Insurance?

  • You can purchase E&O HERE


☐ Appoint with Americo

  • Click HERE to login to Next Level Contracting (NLC) (you will use the same login and password as HCMS). Click on the blue + sign on the top left corner to start a new request.


☐ Appoint with Prosperity

  • Your manager will send you a link on getting appointed with Prosperity. If you have not received your link, reach out to your manager.


☐ Appoint with AIG and Mutual of Omaha 

  • Click HERE to create and login your SureLC account          

  • Complete your profile section in SureLC

  • Once your profile has been completed you can then scroll down to the contracting requests box. You will go through appointing with AIG and Mutual of Omaha.

☐ Complete your Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Course

  • Click HERE to take the Web CE AML Course

  • Americo will give you access to the LIMRA AML course after you have submit your first piece of business

☐ Appoint with John Hancock and American Amicable

  • Click HERE to login to your HCMS account. Click on the square with a plus sign on the top left hand corner and press New Carrier Request. You’ll select New Carrier - SureLC Link and request to appoint with John Hancock and American Amicable.


☐ Follow Up

  • Once you have submitting your appointment requests, you should receive an email from each carrier within 5-10 days with your writing number and how to log in to your portal. If you do not hear from the carrier within that time frame, reach out to the carrier directly to ensure they have everything that is needed.


☐ Add Your Writing Numbers into HCMS

  • Click HERE on a step by step guide on adding your writing numbers 

Please make sure you inform your upline that you have completed contracting. We do not get notified, so it’s very important for you to reach back out. 

If you have any questions during the contracting process, you can reach out to us at or (954) 302-3202

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Contracting Guide

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