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Unlicensed Agents


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Road to Licensing

Unlicensed Checklist



☐​ Schedule your exam through your State’s Department of Insurance Proctoring Service Website 

- Schedule your exam 10-14 days from today. This will give you enough time to complete your pre-licensing education requirements and study 


☐​ Inform your manager of exam date 


☐​ Review licensing requirements by state Click Here


☐​ Sign up for your course and complete through XCEL Solutions

- Life pre-licensing

☐​ Study for exam 

☐​ Take – and Pass Your Exam! 

☐​ Fingerprinting 

- Fingerprint requirements vary by state


☐​ Submit exam receipt & fingerprints to the state: 

- Call your resident State’s Department of Insurance if unclear

☐​ Get National Producer Number & State License

- Call your resident State’s Department of Insurance daily & ask them to check on your progress to speed up the process. 

☐​ Send NPN & state license # to your manager 

☐​ Click HERE to start the contracting guide

If you have any questions during the licensing process, you can reach out to us at or

(954) 302-3202

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