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Welcome to Team FFL Nation!


Congratulations on joining Family First Life.  Your journey with Family First Life starts today!!! Print this email for future reference. Family First Life Nation is the fastest growing group at FFL and we pride ourselves on being a team that works together to help ALL agents! Being truly independent at Family First Life is unlike any job or career you have probably ever had. You will be challenged, inspired and supported. Your success will be completely up to you.  You will get out of this what you put into it.  My commitment to you is I will always match your effort.  You will have everything you need at your fingertips to get started fast and be able to produce at a high level.  There are a few main things that you need to focus on when getting started.


  1. Work Hard, Listen and be Coachable.  Forget what you already know!

  2. Be resourceful.  Being independent means independent. The best way to learn something is BY DOING.  The answers to all of your common questions can be found in all of the links and websites provided below, along with directly from the insurance carriers.  We also use Telegram, and our Facebook groups for questions and answers.  We have 100’s of agents in these groups who will help in any way.

  3. Get really good on the phones, at getting leads, and keeping a full time schedule. This business is 80% phones, 15% in home, and only 5% product knowledge.  Most agents think they need to learn all about products before they start.  Get on the phone fast!

  4. Get to an office right away.  We spend all day in the offices on Mondays and Thursdays dialing and training together.  You will learn a ton from being around top producers.


Helpful Links: Join all of the Social media groups, register for the FFL Bootcamp, download the next level app, Workspots and watch the videos linked. 


FFL Nation Facebook

FFL Nation Instagram

Training with Shawn Meaike


FFL Agent Bootcamp


The Next Level + (IPhone)

The Next Level + (Android)

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